Over the course of my life I’ve always been involved in the community in which I resided no matter where in the world it happened to be. For most of my life I have traveled extensively and I’ve worked with people on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. These individuals have run the scope of status in life be it someone who digs ditches or the head of a nation. At some point in my life I’ve walked in the shoes of everyone involved in a legal profession. I’m a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I’ve enjoyed each of these roles, but especially being a mom! I homeschooled my children, and I probably learned more in the process than they did LOL! I determined that textbooks which I had utilized in my school years we’re oft times incorrect in their recording of history. Travel is the best educator! In my life experience I’ve had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I value these experiences, as much wisdom and skill was gained by going through these times.

Human Trafficking

HUMAN TRAFFICKING has affected our world for millennia. Child sacrifice is a part of that. I know many people don’t wish to think about these things, but we MUST. If good people do nothing, evil will triumph. That is not an option! We must fight like our lives depend upon it, because it does! 

Human trafficking means profiting off another person, at their expense. It has many forms. It starts with abortion. It continues with organ harvesting. They sell them for sex, and treat them as slaves. They “farm” for many reasons. These precious babies have no birth certificate, no record of their life. This gives them the freedom to sacrifice them in their rituals, to beat and torture them, to rape them, to murder them, and yes even eat their flesh. These people are sick! To the adults, the disabled and the elders who have obtained means, they wickedly take over their lives and steal all their assets through abusive guardianships. No one has been spared in their abuses. They are no respecter of persons. They abuse us all. I am exposing them & they will be held to account. I will fight for these individuals to have restitution. 

Abusive Guardianship

A nationwide problem among our most vulnerable, stealing the ability to choose from our citizens. Forcing drugs, tests, and treatments that they would otherwise refuse. In most cases drugging them out of their mind. Nullifies their rights, wills, trusts, and advanced directives. Takes away their families rights and ends with total family separation. Rendering them unable to hire an attorney, vote and force them to move wherever they see fit. They sell their house, and all their personal belongings and liquidate all assets. Stocks, bonds, properties, paintings, clothing, jewelry and your family has no say in ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS. Wealthy and upstanding families are the target. Attorneys stand to gain millions of dollars by effectively raping our elderly and disabled. 


VETERANS have always been a part of my life. They hold a special spot in my heart. My father was a Korean war vet. He raised me to be a Patriot. At the age of 10 I spent the summer at the local VA Hospital, assisting amputees in wheelchairs and befriending them. I did this just because it felt right. I wasn’t paid. No one suggested it. It’s just what my heart wanted to do! The honor and respect that I have for our military cannot be described in words. In adulthood I have done everything I could to help ease their pain and suffering. Being in the Wellness profession for over 30 years, I have given my services at no cost to countless Veterans. I’m constantly working to find new ways that I can help them to recover from the trauma of fighting in battle. Everyday I roll my wheelchair numerous times in front of Mar-A-Lago and pause and salute the flag. This is me paying respect to those who have gone before and who currently serve in the greatest nation on the planet! SALUTE!!!

Healthcare / *Wellness Task Force

Our healthcare system should be termed SICK CARE. The focus should be preventative care. Patients shouldn’t have to wait until there’s a problem. We should be fostering a system that teaches people more than just what pill to take. Educating patients on actual cause and effect and encouraging wellness practices in everyday life. 

Because of my 30-plus years in the medical / wellness arena, I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to bring to the table regarding healthcare & Wellness. I have formed the *WELLNESS TASK FORCE to create a plan of action utilizing alternative methods to restore Optimal Health and well-being to the citizens in our country. 

Southern Border Wall / Immigration

A country without borders and walls is no country at all. I strongly support immigration based on Merit. Most countries in the world operate this way. Allowing people to come in and stay and live off the taxpayers’ backs is not fair for American citizens. We need strong borders to keep out human traffickers and drug traffickers to keep our citizens safe.

National Security / Defense

We cannot have our country turn into a place of Chaos. We must have order. If we’re not careful we’ll turn into the Middle East, with endless Wars in our land. A strong defense it’s necessary. When people know there will be hell to pay if they mess with the United States, this acts as a strong deterrent. Part of keeping our country secure is having the ability to provide for our own, in other words, being self-sufficient. 

Land / Agriculture

In the beginning we treated our land with respect when our country was young. After World War II, Project Paper Clip caused a radical change of direction in the use of our land and in growing our food. Our living soil was turned into dead dirt by an enormous amount of chemicals being poured on the ground and in our water. The microbes necessary for healthy plants that once was in our soil was burned up by these chemicals, rendering our soil almost useless. This can be remediated, but it must take place forthwith. The nutrition in our food has diminished to 5% what it once was 100 years ago. This is why people are dying at young ages and from very terrible diseases. Our farmers must be retrained to grow food without chemicals. The [Deep State] cabal & CIA has operated using a revolving door between the FDA and the chemical companies such as Monsanto. GMO Foods are causing astounding rates of cancer in the last 30 years. This must be reversed! 

Infrastructure / CCC

Our country is in bad need of repair and rebuilding. Everything from bridges to roads, to public buildings & national / local parks. During the Depression back in 1933-42, the Civilian Conservation Corps was created to offer manual labor jobs to young men between the ages of 17-28. They were provided shelter, clothing, food, and given $30 a month which today is the equivalent of $600. This provided them skills, heightened morale, and built their physical condition. We have them to thank for our parks, which we continue to enjoy to this day. I propose a similar program for young people today who are unable to find employment. Perhaps even for those participating in First Step following incarceration. 


Just as hygiene began to improve in the United States, vaccines came on the scene. Pharmaceutical companies falsely claim credit for the decrease in diseases from vaccines. In fact, what has occurred is the astronomical increase in autism, especially targeting African-American males. Not only do we need to eliminate this blight on Humanity, we need to establish proper care for these injured individuals. Right here in Palm Beach County we have Ernie Els School of Excellence which is doing a fine job assisting these children who have been injured by vaccinations. They have limited slots and a lengthy waiting list. We need more schools such as this all across this nation!

Environment / Toxins

One of the biggest problems we face in life every single day is toxicity in our environment. We are bombarded via our food, water, air, clothes, homes, vehicles, etc. EVERYWHERE we go we are surrounded by chemicals. These chemicals are causing mutation (cancer) in our body’s cells. These things can be remedied very easily, but we must educate the people and teach them how to eliminate these toxins from their homes & bodies.  

Judicial Corruption

Across this nation we have corruption and fraud in every level of the judicial system. You have my commitment to root this out and get rid of it! Our citizens have been victimized by the judicial system for far too many decades and it’s time we get True Justice! I’m preparing a bill which will give a window of opportunity for Citizens across this nation to hold these people accountable for the damage they have done to human lives and their families. 

Social Programs Budget / Foreign Policy

We have individuals and families who are suffering and they feel no one seems to care. Many families are affected by autism, war veterans, mental illness, and many other issues. We need to give these families and individuals the encouragement and support that they need to build a successful and happy life. I have real concrete plans of how to address these issues and bring this to fruition. 

​Obviously, these social programs will affect our national budget. We need to prioritize and make America First. Pork projects, various studies and foreign aid fail re ROI. Fraud and Corruption are stealing our hard-earned tax dollars. Direct assistance in specific areas of concern is more effective then throwing massive amounts of money at a third world country or entity such as WHO and UN. In other words — Drain the Deep State Swamp!

Public Education 

Our current education system needs to be overhauled and held accountable to the public for which it serves. 

I’m going to ask the hard hitting questions: why are we spending $10,000+ PER CHILD and approximately $400,000 PER CLASSROOM EVERY YEAR and getting next to nothing for it! Where is it going? Why are OUR CHILDREN not being given the BEST education that we can offer? As well, why are our children not getting top quality nutrition? 


Another nationwide problem brought close to home, namely in Palm Beach and Lake Worth etc. HUGE encampments regularly shower nude in parks where children play. If anyone else was doing this they would be arrested for public indecency. This is all under the blessing of Congresswoman Lois Frankel the current incumbent. Everyone has a story and been through the wringer in some form or another. Whatever the reason be it a disability, mental illness, or drug use. We need to SUPPORT them and give them resources and tools to change their scenario. A chance to REWRITE THEIR STORY. 

1st & 2nd Amendments

Today our freedom of speech and freedom to assemble are being trampled at every turn. Censorship must be eradicated. Big corporate social media companies must incur huge penalties for violating our Constitution. During this pandemic the US has begun to resemble communist China more than ever before. Small towns as well as entire states across the Nation have trampled our rights. Government needs to be reined in and our freedoms restored!

Our guns are the only thing standing between our FREEDOM and TYRANNY. Our Founding Fathers had the wisdom and foresight to understand this incredibly important right. We must continue to protect it and never give it up. All who are willing should be trained in firearm safety and use. We need to EDUCATE not ERADICATE. 

Legal Immigrants

As American citizens we welcome legal immigrants to come and assimilate into our society. In speaking with numerous legal immigrants in district 21, I found that they face certain challenges which we have failed to address as a nation. If a professional such as an attorney or doctor immigrates, they most often are relegated to accepting a menial job such as bus driver due to a failure to acknowledge their skill and expertise in their given profession. We need to develop a system of remedial training so that they may continue practicing their profession with minimal retraining and earn a decent living commensurate with their expertise. 

Secure Elections / Campaign Finance

Secure elections are the very foundation of our government. Without it, it’s utter chaos and corruption. I’ve designed a voting machine which is very secure and has 3 methods of counting the votes. In other words, there’s 2 backups for verification if there’s ever any questions as to its validity. 

The other side of the coin relates to the financial end of elections. Millions of dollars are spent on federal and even some local elections per candidate. Billions are spent on presidential elections. In our district alone we have 11 qualified candidates running. It’s been said you must raise between three and four million dollars to win this race. Do the math. 30 to 40 million dollars per District for one seat! There are 27 districts in Florida. Multiply that by 50 states. This is insane! Just think of all the good we could do with that money. I have suggestions on how to restructure campaign Finance, and how candidates can get their message out to the people without costing an arm, leg, heart, and kidney.